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The Miasma

One moment…everything was blurred in front of me, robbing me of any right to see. The surroundings inside and outside the vehicle were blinded by a haze of grey nothingness in spite of the presence of a glowing morning sun. It was as if I could see and yet I couldn’t. Strangely somehow, I was aware that blindness belonged to me only. Everyone around seemed to see clearly and candidly. As I scooted off to a mundane journey, the darkness suddenly started to disperse as the fog started to appear. And as all exclaimed and begin to see the mist across the vehicle’s windows in excitement as the whole town got entangled in strong, powerful wisps of fog streaks, I felt overwhelmed by the sudden sheer clarity of my vision because I could now see things others could not. Open and out, wretched and raw…I have yet to come across a fog this unblurred.

Captured in oblivion!


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