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The Voyage to a little heaven

It was only yesterday my life was tied down by the unseen ropes of pressure at work. And just when I couldn’t think of something to fill the shallow pits of my existence, an angelic face barged into my office and I was given an offer to accompany her to a school branch of little kids few blocks away from office as her little cousin had a dance performance in the costume of a Punjabi bride. Naturally I was all eager, so in an abrupt hassle we left. Half running on the road, we kept our pace as we had only 45 minutes to bag the whole thing (allowed by the boss). My spirits started to rise gradually. Now here I’ll clarify why. Running wildly on a busy road, making cars to halt inches from you, and the thrill that comes with it has always been one of the few things that TURNS ME ON. In about 2-3 minutes we entered the gates of the school, and I beheld colours in mass assortment in form of kids’ costumes and the embellishments. The decorations spoke volumes of exquisiteness.  My world started to enlighten slowly, and soon I found myself I was squeaking  things like “Look at that kid”…”This girl is looking so pretty.” Yes, there were kid fruits (apple and bananas), kid flowers, kid animals (ouch), kid Tarzan, kid Jane, too many little kid brides and grooms, kid army (India and Pakistan separate, since as a nation we love to show how India gets screwed by us in every social activity including as little as kid’s school play.LOL)  and not to mention kid Taliban. Then there were some little children dressed up in cultural attires, adorned with lehengas and sherwanis. The teachers were going frantic over the preparations and setting everything right. Here are a  few clicks of my ever-damned VGA phone camera (I vow once again to buy a better Digi on first financial reinstatement of my pocket and band account from now on).





...AND JANE!!!

THE BRAVO PAK ARMY...with a scared looking Taliban in Backround.

AND THE INDIAN ARMY (ready to be screwed)

A Lovely Pathan 🙂


Till Death Do us Part- MY IDEAL GROOM :p

Later, I and my girl mate went inside the hall, followed by getting entertained by a series of powerful kid dances on blast-from-my-past songs like the sorts of ‘Im a Barbie girl!’ and ‘Im Tarzan from jungle you can be my friend!’. I loved the moment when any cute, dumb-looking kid will forget the dance steps and stare blankly with arms still hung in mid-air, at his fellow partners dancing in surroundings.Those 45 minutes went up in air as if the time started to travel at the speed of light and I happily returned back to my grey (or rather brown) surroundings of my office cabin with a serene smile on my lips and a reawakening of that kid in my soul that resided in me years ago before I started to act all ‘grown up’. What a voyage to a little heaven it was!

A moment of realization… when I found a bunch of kids, belonging to a class who can neither afford to study nor can it afford three meals a day,gazing through the gate fence at these priviledged and happy kids.


Happy Reading,



3 responses to “The Voyage to a little heaven

  1. Aoun

    the poor kids at the gate…painful disparity!!
    p.s beware of crossing a busy highway next time lest a charging vehicle fails to stop “inches short of you”… 😉

  2. nosheen ⋅

    that was touching:) nicely written..

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