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  1. It’s a tragedy how it takes a personal loss for us to discover the real face of truth. I have personally known many army bashers who have their own loved ones serving for the Pak Army who would go to any lengths to criticise Pak army and its cause and more interestingly what amuses me is that this dirt-throwing propaganda has recently spread and gained paced for reasons any vigilant Pakistani would understand. And now the same army-bashers, (the so called patriots while sitting in comfortable rooms and typing away hate material for the men of honour and thinking they have done a remarkable duty to the country by typing that) are suggesting that Pak Army should remove soldiers from both Siachen and Kashmir as their intellectual and liberal minds think that it’s a waste of human life to fight over such disputed pieces of land. What sort of nation talks like that? Trust me it hurts real bad.
    But every once in a while I see people like you having broken free from this spell of intended civil-Army divide and speaking out the truth. I hope it doesn’t take more soldiers dying for us to realize the nobility and rightness of their cause. I wish it doesn’t take more soldiers to get buried alive under feets of ice for us to understand and feel why they do, what they do.

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