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A fine disovery in Stranger Land!

Corporate culture and friendships? Ok these two sounds pretty much at loggerheads. When I joined my first ever job, many warnings reached my ears, directly and indirectly, that workplace is something like a jail. If you go on acting high-schoolish, you simply don’t stand a chance to succeed. By this, what I guessed they meant was it was time to go through a forceful metamorphosis from a giggling girl to a robot lady. I even was scared to laugh aloud at office. Thanks to the open work environment, as the organization moved temporarily to a customer organization’s ‘warehouse’ after their building caught fire last year, privacy seems a serious joke of the day here atleast.

Most of all I was tipped off about lessons of trust. I felt like a first day at school (Flash Back), when mom used to tell us “Do Not Take Candies From Complete Strangers!”. I was cautioned about how people take advantage of you here and how politics and trusting the wrong person can turn your professional life upside down.

With these lessons, I embarked my journey into professional life and I experienced 2 things:

1- I cannot survive at workplace for 9 hours a day without befriending and trusting.

2- I got to befriend the two bestest ladies on earth. It happens to be my most exquisite and speedy friend finding (making?) ever.

Last night I went out with one of the ladies to eat curly fries- an abrupt plan of the sort. We shared a chicken cheese burger. I got the honor of splitting it in two equal halves which I very immaculately did ending up pooping all the mayonnaise out and with one half consisting all the goodies including most of the chicken and greenies and the other smaller half  with all the bun (that my friend ‘explicitly’ complained about as she volunteered to eat that half).

Exuberant smiles during office hours! Working hard...Partying harder!

Well, may I say it was the serenest experience, except for the part when a god-forsaken Arab-looking MASSUS interrupted our heart-to-heart conversation and offered to visit him anytime we’d want. (I didn’t know such places existed in Pakistan…as I didn’t know before he showed up what a MASSUS was.).

The scary ride back home in a cab jolted my existence and it was so effing freezing cold that the chills got into my bones and danced with my marrow of  life. Defrosting human meat was never a welcoming idea to me, but I couldn’t help relating to it while I washed my hands and feet with near boiling tap water. And I slept with a safe conclusion in my mind last night that opening up to some trust-worthy odd ones out in corporate culture may be isn’t a troublesome act.

Feeling amused by the discovery,



8 responses to “A fine disovery in Stranger Land!

  1. RM ⋅

    wats a massus? one who does massage? as in a male masseuse? 😮
    it was good.. i liked it..honestly wanted to read more..wish you had put in more details 🙂

  2. @RM…well! you got the definition right….and yes a male masseuse :p.
    And well the upcoming posts will be more descriptive! Keep reading 😉

  3. RM ⋅

    deceptive? how so?

  4. Zunaira Naeem ⋅

    Wow this one is a perfect post, and I am really happy with your conclusion too because there is always GOOD sneaking behind the BAD and all you gotta do is to search for it from heart and in no time it will be there, smiling at you 🙂

  5. Sarah

    Yea yea.. u tuk almost al the chicken tikki yar. Al I ws left wid ws a dry bun wich I tried pushng down my esophagus wid quick sips of ‘papsi’. *urdu tinge*

    Yar tht guy ws probably a 2-number professional masseuse & most likely gay. :/ I got worried tht the weird encounter might have a bad influence on your angelic mind.

    Tht sure was a scary ride for me too but i got scary wen I got ‘off’ the cab leavng u behind. Ws relieved to hear you made it home safely.

    Luv u loads….

    Your Sis ❤

  6. @Zuni. Will definitely wont stop ‘searching from the heart’ 😉

  7. @Sara….the whole adventure wouldn’t have been possible without your amazing company ;). And thankyou for ‘finally’ reading the post :p

  8. Sarah

    It’s been a while. Maybe you should continue in time. 🙂
    Lots of love..


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