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The Alley Beside My Window


The Alley

AN OPEN LETTERTo the narrow alley beside my office window- not literally “my” office window, my colleague’s cabin window where I have been sitting on most of the pleasant-weather days since the colleague is away to Spain. I sit here precisely to have periodic peeps outside the window to break the cabin fever that bothers me when I have to stay indoors inevitably on an extremely beautiful weather day. (With rain, ofcourse).

Dear Alley,

Tell me one good reason, why not to write a note to you right now, as I am glancing right at your shabby attire and ragged appearance beside this huge orange and white tower. It’s indescribable, the way this quiet trotting of people over your surface helps me string my haphazard thoughts to a well-defined pattern in which I can relate to my joys and my sorrows coherently and sanely. Right in the middle of work as I glimpse at you O’ dear alley, I am intrigued by the burden you carry as I notice you are more crowded than the average beautiful roads scattered around the city. Is that because may be you have more capacity and resilience like some of us have generous human hearts?  Your subdued stillness and hush, in spite of millions trampling you under their feet daily inspires me profoundly. And as of today, this moment, when apparently my ears are listening to the hums of ‘Summer of ‘69’, my fingers are handling database anomalies at work  while working in collaboration with my brain and my eyes are drifting every now and then at you O Alley, I know that day has come. A day when my soul finally learnt a lesson from an alley beside the window.

Yours Sincerely,



4 responses to “The Alley Beside My Window

  1. RM ⋅

    The best so far..enjoyed every bit 🙂

  2. Aoun

    “Hey N. keep your eyes off of my relative” ~ Sincerely Diagon Alley

  3. Zunaira ⋅

    Really nice one. I felt a change in here too, they way you wrote it this time. Now plz do not go nuts when i say CHANGE :p

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