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Four recent Obsessions of my life!

We all are obsessed with things at one or some other point in our lives. When I look back at my trail of obsessions, I see a weird assortment comprising of crazy stuff I get obsessed with-like celebrities (some quite younger to me), songs (that I literally play and listen 100 times in a loop per day), movies (I then watch ’em so many times that I lip-mimic the script lines) and sometimes shoes (wear them till they tear apart.). Quite recently four new obsessions made it to my list. And I’d like to share how:

Obsession # 1- Coffee Art

Last week I accidentally stumbled upon some of the most beautiful coffee art pics over the internet and Boy-oh-Boy! Didn’t i go like completely crazy? I made a decision that I have to master this art and now every time I make coffee, I seriously put some sincere efforts to become a coffee art Picasso :D. Here is my first ever coffee art which I like to name “The rise of Joker (Batman)”. It was inspired by something on the left:




Obsession # 2- My new Sneakers

I always was inspired by these comfortable and trendy kind in shoes. After it was broken down to me by my mom that my old trainers I used to wear in university were given away to someone needy in our maid’s family, my heart broke into thousand pieces. I was sleepless many nights :p. But then motivating myself for sacrificing in sheer love of humanity, I thought to buy a couple of new sneakers. After a tiring episode of finding the right shops and bargaining, i got three pairs and If you don’t have the idea of obsession of shoes, see me wearing them. I have to forcefully convince myself to part with them, while I go to bed every night.OK! now that’s an exaggeration. But I love to wear them as much as I can :).


"Shoes Make me happy! I am superficial..WHATEVER!!!"


Obsession # 3- Three Stray Cats taking refuge in our home

No matter how much my Mom scolds me to for making these cats feel “at home” as they are destroying the green coriander patch in our lawn, me and my dad loves to keep them. My dad in an absolute hurry to keep them safe from cold at night, built a beautiful little brick house in an ugly corner of house. And now I’m habitual to come home everyday from office and see these three angels (in cat’s disguises) welcoming me. Not to mention my weekend ritual of giving them milk in an old plastic can.



Weekend Ritual carried out

Obsession # 4 Dates in Breakfast

Along with happiness, sacredness and a sense of joy, my dad’s return from Hajj brought us many pure Arabic dates. I was never a fan of date as a fruit in spite of its nutritional wonders, the abundance of dates at home and the hurry with which i leave home for office every morning some how made me indulge in the habit of grabbing a handful of dates and have them with tea in breakfast. Within two weeks, I have become obsessed with Dates. I now find extra energy and taste in them and I wonder why i didn’t ever include such a wonderful food in my daily diet. According to information I recently gathered from various health websites, this obsession for once will do magic to my health and immunity. 🙂


A mouth-watering healthy delight




7 responses to “Four recent Obsessions of my life!

  1. RM ⋅

    you know when i read the title, what came to my mind..
    1. Wolvy
    2. Habibi
    3. Free lancing
    4. most importantly my friend: Rafia Malik 😉

    Honestly!! :D:D

  2. RM ⋅

    Now commenting on what you wrote..kudos my friend…i like it how u mak simple things of life into a good read! *applause*
    1-i agree with sneakers being ur obsession.
    2-coffee art is too young of an interest to be called an obsession. 3-dates..hmph..lets not talk abt those since u dint give me any of the hajj khajoorz!!! -_-
    4-cats?!?! u are so chickeny dude…im delighted at this development 😀 but lets not forget..i hate cats! :p

    • Thankyou so much :). But at really deep expressions, now one writes like you. Awaiting the day when you’ll start your own blog and I would get to read some stuff too 🙂
      @cats…I am a cat myself! remember??? :p

  3. Zunaira Naeem ⋅

    Sneakers and coffee are sort of your old obsessions that we both share, but coffee art is somethin I too m working at but I end with abstract art in the end :p
    thanx god you said goodbye to chaayee 😉 and m happy with your new obsession with cats, now you see how lovely they poor beings are? I miss my trio much 😦 remember the one outside NKC at uni that I used to feed with samoosa 😀
    ajwaah khazoor ko akele nai khataaay :(((((

  4. Zunaira Naeem ⋅

    Anyways Hon! I like your blog much, you have used ma fav combo of red white and black !!! Specially I like the snow flecks that follow the cursor 🙂 may ALLAH bless you 🙂

  5. Faraz ⋅

    The article is original and one can sense the geniality in the words right from the beginning. However, I seriously despised, loathed, abhorred the idea of turning cats into an obsession. In addition to this, I demand from the ancient Greek gods *if they exist* to punish all those who try to hurt the feelings of heavenly creatures by comparing them with hateful creatures like cats.

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