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Once upon a time, when a girl started blogging…

Years ago, when blogging became the ‘IN’ thing for everyone, i despised it for many crazy reasons. One of the most prominent was-it felt like a threat to our private lives. Though a powerful source of expression, it could never take place of raw paper diaries where you can throw all your burdens of soul without as much as a second thought. And if your secret diaries remain hidden (untempered by sibling’s urge to get their nose into your business), they were the best source of catharsis without any judgements or criticism from anyone. Blogging? Of course you can not let anyone have a peek inside your darkest thoughts and let them reach to a safe conclusion that you are as dark as themselves and everyone around them. 🙂

Today, I think differently. Justifying my new motivation to stay positive about every ugly thing in life, here I am, writing my first ever post to my first ever blog after one sacred promise to myself. I would throw out everything off of my soul and mind, no matter how unrealistic or dark or insane my thoughts or experiences would be. Obviously I would fictionize the names and “esteric” all the abuses :p, whenever the need would arise. But at least I can draw satisfaction from the fact that for once I would pour out honesty directly from my heart, without the fear or care of how it is perceived.

Happy Reading!


P.S: Don’t fret if you find myself talking to myself most of the times. That’s the best part. I prefer monologues. 😉


One response to “Once upon a time, when a girl started blogging…

  1. Zunaira Naeem ⋅

    LOL this one is funny and it will at the very least be a diary that you wont forget after hiding it safely in you upside down wardrobe 😀

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